Ch.3: All the City has to Offer

Gemini and Veil cross the street
Veil stares at gemini, frustrated with her putting him off
Gemini passes a juggler with four arms. "Maybe I could be a juggler?," she notes.
"If you apply, perhaps," Veil retorts
"Imagine that! Gemini Journey the juggler!", Gemini says with a smile. "I'd be so cool!"
"Gemini, juggling is a garbage job.", Veil says stonily. Gemini stares back sweetly. "Well... You're a garbage person," she says
Veil cracks a small smile. "heh. Good one", he says. "HA!" Gemini snorts. "I know right!"
Promptly, Veil pushes her forward, past the juggler and the group of people who has started to surround her. "Well then, until such a time that you master this skill set...", Veil remarks.
"You've more shops to apply to.", Veil finishes. Gemini mimics his words.
"Stop that", Veil states. Gemini winks back, and they both continue walking.
"I'm so glad I raised my anchor and set sail on my own. This city— all the new people and places to experience! It's like a big adventure, y'know?", gemini waxes poetically as the city bustles around her.
They come to a street, darkened by surrounding buildings. They come across a Kappa dressed in a long coat. Veil's eyes widen in horror. "Ahoy there", greets Gemini while raising her hand in a wave.
Suddenly, Veil covers gemini's eyes with his palms. His own face flushes in embarrassment and disgust. The Kappa has opened his overcoat. "Heeeeeey" Gemini exclaims as her vision is obscured.
While keeping Gemini's eyes covered, Veil bows his head towards the Kappa. "Aw Geex", the kappa responds, a blush appears on his beak.
The Kappa reciprocates Veil's bow by bowing back. The pool of water at the Kapp's head, splashes down to the floor. Gemini frowns, her vision still obscured by Veil.
Veil places his hands on Gemini's shoulders and pushes her away from the encounter. The Kappa stays in a bow, frozenly staring at the puddle of water below his feet. "I don't think you want to experience ALL that this city has to offer.", Veil grumbles. Gemini frowns, "Why did something happen?", Gemini asks. "Also... you really need have to stop pushing me so much.", Gemini grumbles back.
Kappa in Gemini journey style wearing modern overcoat and turtleshell backpack

We heard Kappa are sometimes tricky, but if you bow deeply, their sense of politeness will make then return the gesture. This results in the kappa spilling the water held in its head, rendering it unable to move until the water is refilled. So… if you are being bothered by one, you know what to do!

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