Gemini Journey

Our Heroine

Gemini is a bubbly, goofy young girl out on her own for the first time in the magical city which she lives. She attracts trouble from all sorts of fantasy creatures as she stumbles through life’s problems.

First Appearance

Ep. 1 Here, There Be Dragons


Veil Taffeta

Stuffy Elf

Veil is an uptight bibliophile who stresses to keep Gemini out of trouble, which is difficult to do as she seems to attract it. He’s finicky, sullen, and probably on the verge of a migraine right now.

First Appearance

Ep. 1 Here, There Be Dragons

Barley and Bay-Lily

Twin Ringleaders

Barley & Bay-Lily are the rhyming ringleaders of The Great Barley and Bay-Lily Circus. These two unsettling creatures have a flair for theatrics and hunger for a captive audience.

First Appearance

Ep. 16, The Great Barley and Bay-Lilly Circus

Foxes in top hats

Argyle Taffeta

(Totally) High Elf

Argyle is Veil’s unpredictable stepbrother. He is a mischief-maker who pushes people’s buttons.

First Appearance

Ep. 1 Yuletide Peril