Tracy MacLauchlan

Animation, Illustration

Tracy spent countless days in her youth creating epic, though crude, tales about cats, fairies, and sometimes cat-fairies, all with a great desire to one day make something like her favorite cartoons and comics.

Today, Tracy is a graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design, Summa Cum Laude in Character Animation, and creates inspired pieces as a freelance artist from her home office in Connecticut. She creates Gemini Journey on the side with her partner Yesenia, and tackles the project with the same drive to improve as she had in her childhood.


Yesenia Carrero

Yesenia Carrero

Graphic Design, Illustration

For Yesenia Carrero, creativity is the core of her way of life. Based in Connecticut, she uses her passion for art and her diverse skills in design, illustration, and creative thinking to create pieces that inspire. Currently, she works as a senior web designer for the University of Connecticut.

Yesenia is a Savannah College of Art and Design alumni and continues to produce and manage projects, including logo & branding, websites, stationary, and print.

Personal Statement

Why do we make Gemini Journey? Clearly, we’re both Fantasy fans and pour our passion for the genre into our world; We take the well-worn tropes we love and flip them topsy-turvy through a modern lens. What do High Elves think of St. Nicholas? What would a faerie ring be like today? Aren’t dragons like modern-day pests?

Gemini and Veil start dancing. Veil is poised, but stiff. Gemini is wild, but free.

But it is more than that. Gemini is not your typical heroine, and that is on purpose. She is the main character we missed growing up, one that is like us. She is plucky, fat, and flawed. Yet, her story doesn’t center on her weight, and she doesn’t need to be perfect to be loved.

Gemini and Veil are disjointed, as they struggle to dance together

Instead, our focus is on her adventures as she navigates a cruel and dangerous world, but with a bright and comedic determination. Through her, we explore the trials and traumas of contemporary life, wrapped in whimsical fairy-tale motifs.

Gemini and Veil work together to find a middle ground in their dance routine

This is why. We create our comic because the stories we have to tell about Gemini and her friends remind us, and hopefully others like us, that even if we are imperfect people up against a harsh present-day reality, we should try for love, hope, and magic anyway.

Gemini and Veil find their footing while dancing