A New Chapter

We’ll be starting our first-of-many stories for Gemini Journey, Gemini Journey and the Great Barley and Bay-Lily Circus, where we delve a bit deeper into our characters.

Barley and Bay-Lily was made possible with the help from our friends:

  • Jonathon Ponikvar and Whitney Ponikvar (of Peter and Company), have been a huge help to us as our close friends and mentors. They’ve offered advice and the occasional pick-me-up we needed to start this project. Jonathon is also responsible for the custom back-end coding and magical mechanics of our our first website, and we can’t thank him enough for all the work he did in 2016.
  • Nana BoachieAlex BlairDana Corrigan, and Natalia Mercado beta-read and critiqued the Barley & Bay-Lily script in its various stages.
  • Everyone else who aided, encouraged, and followed us along the way (that’s you, if you’re reading this)!

Gemini Journey has been in various forms throughout the years, including a college senior project and animated series pitch known as The Taffetas, which we had invaluable support for. But, we’ve been able to push it farther than ever before as a creator-owned comic. This is an independent, passion-driven project written & drawn by Yesenia and I. We’re looking forward to learning, growing, and sharing this storytelling journey with all of you!

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